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Why didn’t I get any sales from my 50% open-rate email?

successful entrepreneur, authentic entrepreneur, email marketingHold on, first things first. Let’s ask, is a 50% open rate (meaning that half the people you emailed opened their email) a good percentage?

Depending on your industry, average open rates, or the percentage of people who opened your email newsletter, are around 20%. Some industries are lower and some higher. It also depends on your list because people who buy subscribers get what they pay for. Other people who have a targeted list, meaning that the people who signed up on the list were genuinely interested, have a better list and their emails are more likely to be read.

So, in determining why sales from your email are not what you want them to be, we need to look at what kind of industry you are in and how good your list is. A more personal industry, like religion or art tends to have a higher open rate, as high as 50%. On the other end of the spectrum, less personal industry emails can have average open rates as low as 5%.

Looking to see how your business’ open rate is compared to the average lets you know how much people are looking forward to the content you provide in your emails.

Next, let’s look at how captivating your content is:

Once you get people to open your email then the next question is, are you converting to sales? (In other words, does your email make you sales?)

The Top 3 Conversion Techniques:

Entrepreneurs Who Succeed have a CCF Mindset when writing their emails

Of course, a good subject line in your email is always the way to catch attention. But once the email is opened…

Read Part II of Successful Mindset of An Entrepreneur That Markets to learn about how to sell in the body of your content.


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