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Are You Talking To Me? 3 Keys to Getting Your Message Across


The core function of a blog is to bring information to the reader. Whether you focus on fine art, movie reviews or scientific discovery, you have an audience you want to reach. But are you reaching them on their level? Whether visitors seem to have interest, but you have no real following on your blog, or your analytics suggest that people are visiting and quickly leaving again these three keys will help.

Key 1 | Language

One of the surest ways to lose a potential reader is to write in a manner that is either too complex or too simplistic for the information presented. Take for example the following:

Viewer retention and bounce rate is a direct corollary of the vernacular used in the article.


The language you use in your blog has a direct impact as to whether visitors stay and read, or return to search results.

Each of the above examples stated almost the exact same idea; that how you phrase your argument can affect your readership. However, chances are your eyes started glazing over at one of them. Don’t try to inflate your posts with unnatural words or references, instead be passionate about the topic and write what comes naturally to you.

Key 2 | Length

Your new blog post just went live. You’ve written passionately about your topic and take a break before coming back to interact with readers who might have comments or questions. A little while later you settle in to read the comments and see it: “tl;dr”. It’s funny how five simple characters can fully express what the would-be reader saw as a flaw of opposite proportions. “Too long; didn’t read.”

Just as in language, the length of your blog post can vary widely dependent on your intended audience. If you’re sharing scientific findings for academics then you’ll naturally have a longer post for people who were expecting it. If you’re discussing the latest sculpture in front of your gallery then a few paragraphs about the piece, the artist and their inspiration is more than sufficient.

Key 3 | Legibility

Your blog is written in language that is accessible to your audience, and is of an appropriate length. You see from your analytics that people are visiting, but don’t seem to be reading. Have you ever considered that the problem could be with the way your blog is visually displayed?

Bloggers often see things from the other side. Dashboards are made to be simple to understand and facilitate easy publishing. But beyond setting up a theme that you found appealing during the setup days, how much time do you spend looking at the user interface of your blog?

Take a look of the blog from the reader perspective. Can you read an entire post easily? Do your eyes tire from bright colors, or not enough contrast? Are you straining to read a small or decorative font? If you’re having problems, then your readers are too. Make adjustments to the color or font choices until you have a product that is as easy on the eyes as it is on the brain.

While understanding your audience is crucial to a web site, these keys will help you write to the level that they are expecting.


Jennifer Waller has been with Social Media Pathways since late 2011. She handles a variety of both client accounts and technological needs. She creates many of the graphics used for client Facebook Cover Images and Facebook Contests. She also assists with minor website changes and alterations. She has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from New Mexico Tech and is an independently published author.

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