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Make Yours A Viewer-Friendly Website


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Your website should be designed, first and foremost, to make you money! After all, that is the purpose of a business, right?

So many websites unknowingly turn potential clients away – in seconds! Most visitors will on stay on your site for 50 milliseconds before turning away.

Change this. Be sure that your site is viewer friendly so that viewers understand why they will want to spend more time and what they will gain from your site, so that they can then see the value in becoming engaged and becoming a client.

94% of websites user’s first impressions are  design-related – which explains why most visitors stay on a website for less than 1 minute.

This means that potential customers decide


  1. If your website is trustworthy/an authority on the subject
  2. Whether they want to learn more about your business/website or leave your webpage permanently
  3. Whether or not they will become a paying customer – without even reading about what you offer!


Improving your website will grow your sales.