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Wear Clothes That Attract Money For Your Biz

Look around the room the next time you are at any kind of business gathering. Do people look professional? Do they look like they put some time and thought into looking presentable? Does their appearance reflect well on their brand, their business and themselves?

As you look around a couple business rooms you might find, as I did, that those who are dressed presentably are also the ones who get the most business.

Why is this and what does it mean to dress “presentably”?

There is a law that you should know about because it trumps the law of attraction- the law of self. The law of self says that the way you are with yourself and the way you treat yourself is the way the universe (and people) see you and treat you. The law of self says that you must be your first focus. If you are honoring yourself and taking care of yourself, then law of attraction will reflect this back to you by bringing you experiences in which people appreciate you, your business, become clients or customers and want to refer you.
On the other hand, if you do not honor yourself and you don’t bother to take care, then you can do and say all of the right things, but law of attraction won’t bring you the success you are after. This is because the law of self asks that you be who you are authentically and that you honor this. Showing up at a business gathering of any sort without making yourself presentable means that you are not caring for you first. Without caring for you, the right words or actions can become fruitless because your energies are off. The law of self sees that you are not caring for you and then, you can say, that the universe doesn’t care either.

People who make themselves presentable take the time to care about themselves and their appearance. They recognize that the way they look makes an impression on you, but more importantly, they are just as interested or more interested in feeling good about themselves. The way the feel and look is a priority, and the universe wants you to care about and love yourself because that is authentic. Then law of attraction does it’s thing with your fabulous caring, presentable and prioritized energy and brings you greater success.

Sound good? Then be sure to dress to impress – so that you feel fabulous!


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